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5 Questions you should ask yourself before getting a Cosmetic Surgery/Procedure:

People have their apprehensions with respect to any sort of surgery. And cosmetic surgery tops the list of apprehensions and rightly so, as most of us aren’t as well-informed about this aspect of medicine. But over the last decade cosmetic surgeries and non-invasive cosmetic procedures have soared as people are more aware and informed about what they entail.

 Q&As on Cosmetic Surgery
If you are thinking of or have decided to get a cosmetic procedure, here are 5 questions to be asking yourself:

Question 1: ‘Am I healthy enough to undergo the procedure?’

It is most important that you are healthy enough both mentally and physically to go through this journey. Anyone seeking any sort of procedure should undergo thorough assessment and disclose their entire medical history to their doctor – Every tiny detail!

Question 2: ‘What do I hope to achieve through the surgery?’

Like most things, having a clear goal before you get the procedure provides clarity to you and your doctor. This also enables you to understand the limitations of the procedure and if it is serving your purpose to your satisfaction.

Question 3: ‘Do I have the financial bandwidth for the procedure and am I willing to go through more than one procedure?’

Fact: Surgeries of any kind are expensive and cosmetic surgery is no exception. Therefore, one of the most important things is to be financially equipped to undergo the required surgery.

It is a must that you also understand that cosmetic surgery is extremely intricate and artistic. This means that sometimes your desired result might not be achieved in one sitting and might require you to go through another procedure.

Question 4: ‘Am I ready to do my part and give myself the time required to recover from the procedure?’

Getting the surgery is the easier part of the process. Being able to commit to recovery is the most essential aspect of it all and could be stressful. It is pertinent to understand all of the above and thereby, manage your expectations respectively for the desired end result.

Question 5: ‘Do I know all the risks of the procedure I plan to undergo?’

Surgery is about doing something to your body that will change or alter it for the foreseeable future and you must equip yourself with the necessary information with respect to complications such as infection or simply you not being happy with the end result.

There are more questions you could ask but these are the ones you should never leave out. Asking these questions will ensure that you have a clear purpose for yourself and an explicit plan of action for your doctor.

Remember: There are no right questions. So, feel free to reach out to us with your queries about cosmetic surgeries. We will try our best to answer all the questions that you may have!

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