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All about fat grafting and its applications

Fat grafting is a surgical process in which the fat from one part of the body is passed on to another part. The main aim of the process is to improve the area where fat is transferred. In fat grafting, doctors extract fats by liposuction and process them before injecting them into the area of your body that needs improvement. This method has been considered the best by plastic surgeons to improve the cosmetic appearance of the face, hands, feet, breasts, and lips.


Fat Grafting

The process involved in fat grafting:

  • Extracting the fat through liposuction is the first step. To remove fat, manual methods are used through thin liposuction cannulas. Laser is not used here as fat cells may be destroyed during the process and may not be fit for reinjection.
  • Decanting, centrifugation, and purifying the fat is the next step in fat grafting. The excess fluids and debris are separated from the fat cells. There is another method in which adipose fat cells are washed with sterile saline solution. The fat that is rejected in this step is not fit for injection and may create trouble for good cells too.
  • Reinjecting purified fat into areas needing improvement is the final step. Here, fat is reinjected as small droplets through the subcutaneous tissue of the beneficiary part of the body. This ensures blood supply to all fat droplets enabling the fat graft to survive.


Which areas of the body is fat grafting used?
Fat grafting is used in the following areas of the body.



To restore youthfulness to the wrinkled and hollowed areas of the face and to repair scars, fat grafting is used on the face. It can help add volume to the cheeks and also improve the texture and appearance of the facial skin.



Most people resort to fat grafting in the hips to improve the waist-hip ratio. This process adds more value to the hips and enhances the appearance of people who need more feminine looks in this region.


Hands and feet

Fat grafting can provide padding for bony feet people. It helps to reduce wrinkles and enhances the appearance of hands and feet.


The process of fat grafting can help to increase the size of the breasts by one or two cup sizes. For some people, the appearance of the breasts may be asymmetrical. This can also be corrected through the fat grafting technique. It also helps to repair the damage caused to breasts due to radiation. Fat grafting can also treat breast implant capsular contractures. If there are any scars, they can be corrected too.
Fat grafting has several advantages since the process uses your own tissues. The chances of rejection at the recipient site are lesser. In most cases, the procedure is completed in one sitting in the operating room itself. The process is also a pain-free procedure.


However, there may be some risks involved after the procedure. This can be over or under- removal of fat and also fluid collection under the skin. Fat embolism is a severe complication that arises because of fat grafting but is rare.


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