The chin is probably the most undervalued part of the face and yet it plays such an important role in giving you the right profile and overall facial balance. The chin along with the lower third of the face is the first area to begin showing signs of ageing as well. When the chin is not of the right proportions, say too short or overly broad, this can make the face seem shortened and rounded. The shape of the chin can also make the nose look longer or more protruded. There are even make-up and contouring techniques that focus on highlighting a tapered chin. But a relatively simple yet powerful and permanent solution will be to go in for a Chin Enhancement or chin augmentation Surgery.
This operation aims at improving the structure of the chin in order to restore facial harmony. The procedure can alter the shape, size and position of your chin to create a more balanced appearance. Chin enhancement can be achieved through several different methods like sliding genioplasty which is by surgically cutting the chin bone and moving it forward and securing with medical plates. This is usually done only when a chin reduction is required or if the patient is already undergoing a jaw surgery.
The other method of enhancement is by using chin implants to change the shape and projection of the chin. This method of chin enhancement is a permanent one. A small incision is made beneath the chin or inside the mouth and an implant made of silicone, porex, medpore or gore-tex is inserted around the chin bone. The chin implant surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure using local or general anaesthesia and the implants last for a lifetime. Your plastic surgeon may also talk to you about implants made of bone or fat tissue taken from your own body. But this could get reabsorbed after a certain period.
The implants cannot be felt after the recovery period and these are designed to appear and feel as natural as possible. When done by an experienced plastic surgeon, it will offer a permanent solution to a weak or recessed chin. The use of facial fillers is another less invasive method of Chin enhancement. This is done easily through few injections under topical anaesthesia. The dermal fillers will slightly enhance the chin and jaw contours but this solution usually do not last beyond 2 years.
The chin is an important component of facial aesthetics. Chin enhancement surgery aims to create a natural looking, well-proportioned chin. Choosing the right method of chin augmentation is largely dependent on your goals and your plastic surgeon’s advice based on the structure. After the swelling, following a Chin Enhancement surgery the final appearance of your chin will be evident only after 3 to 4 months. The right candidate for a Chin Enhancement surgery will be someone with a weak chin that is not very prominent. The patient should also be healthy without any uncontrolled medical conditions and have realistic expectations of results.
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