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Is the loss of hair causing angst to you? A sizeable amount of the population is suffering from the problem of premature balding. While this is causing so much anxiety, advancements in the cosmetic field have brought in a sigh of relief through hair transplantation. The hair transplant market across the world is predicted to be around USD 31 billion by the end of next year. This shows the rising number of people suffering from hair thinning problems.

Cost of hair transplantation in Bangalore

Cost of hair transplantation in Bangalore

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that moves hair from thicker parts of the scalp or other areas of the body to areas where hair thinning is found. This process is called grafting. The area from which hair is taken is called the donor site, and the area that receives it is called the recipient site.


Hair transplantation is a permanent solution for patients with premature balding problems. The resultant look is very natural and there is no hint of any procedure done. This is normally done by a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgeries.


Before performing the procedure, the surgeon ascertains the cause of hair thinning and asks the patient questions regarding the same. If needed, tests are conducted to find out if you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation.


There are two main types of restoration generally carried out by surgeons. One of them is the hair follicular unit transplant whereby along with the hair follicles, a strip of skin is also removed from the back of the scalp. Thereafter, each hair is removed from the skin and placed on balding areas. In the other method, only the hair follicles are removed and not the skin.


A hair transplant is not a universal procedure. It depends on the health conditions and several other aspects of the individual too. It should also be understood that a sufficient amount of hair must be available for grafting in the other parts of the body if the balding is huge.


The procedure may take 2-3 sittings to be completed, and it entirely depends on the amount of coverage needed, your recovery, etc. It is necessary to have a sufficient healing gap between the two sessions. Experts say that it may be nearly 1-2 years before you can see the final result. It may be lesser if you have just a few strands to be transplanted.


To carry out the procedure, local anesthesia will be given so that the patient feels comfortable and relaxed

You should be careful regarding the medicines you can take before grafting, as some of them may interfere with proper grafting. Also, smoking and alcohol may hamper the success of the procedure and should be stopped several days before the procedure. To help in fast recovery, the surgeon may prescribe certain antibiotics.


Post-surgery, you should strictly follow guidelines as advised by your plastic surgeon. This is necessary to avoid any bleeding in the scalp. Don’t worry about any hair loss during this period, as it is common during recovery.


You can soon be back to your normal routine without any hassle. Just remember to follow up with your surgeon as suggested.


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