Adult ears typically range from 58-66 mm in length and about 30-45 mm in width at the upper portion. When these dimensions are higher, the ears can appear too large and draw unnecessary attention. This congenital ear deformity that is marked by over-sized or enlarged ears is called Macrotia. Ears that stand out more than 2 centimeters from the side of the head are considered prominent. Otoplasty, or ear cosmetic surgery, often refers to pinning back protruding ears and Macrotia Ear Reduction surgery is a type of otoplasty procedure used to remove a portion of the upper ear and reshape it to create balance and harmony with the head and facial features. The aim of such a surgery is often to correct a deformity or to improve appearance. The ear reduction surgery involves removing excess skin and cartilage and can be performed on patients as young as 7 years old.



The cause of Macrotia is mostly unknown but there are some studies that point to drug or alcohol use during pregnancy, genetic conditions or changes, environmental triggers, and a diet low in carbohydrates and folic acid. Borjeson-Forssman-Lehmann Syndrome, a severe but rare genetic disorder that causes extreme mental impairment and diminished function of the testes or ovaries, Fragile X Syndrome, Trichorhinophalangeal Syndrome Type 2 & Melnick-Needles Syndrome have also been found to bring about Macrotia in patients.


Most Macrotia patients have ears that are positioned at a normal distance from the head, and still their ears are genuinely too large in comparison. The upper portion of the ear is the primary area of concern in Macrotia. The ear reduction surgery often targets this area. The scapha is the curved, boat-like depression separating the helix (outer rim) and antihelix of the ear.The scapha in such patients appears to be over developed and this gives the appearance of big ears.


Like every other facial features, ears also contribute to the attractiveness of an individual. It can be quiet distracting when the ears appear too large or out of balance with other features. Prominent ears can be a problem for children as they could be subject to bullying or name-calling because of this. Such tendencies can affect a child’s self-confidence, their emotional well-being, and their behavior. Even adults with big ears can be under great psychological distress and embarrasment because of ears that are not aesthetically pleasing.


Ear reshaping and reduction requires advanced plastic surgery techniques and skills. The surgeon conducting the procedure has to be skilled and precise enough to make the results appear as natural as possible and in proportion to the rest of the features. Improper surgical techniques by inexperienced surgeons could lead to infections that can cause the destruction of cartilage affecting the shape of the ear. The surgery can take between half an hour and two hours. The recovery rarely exceeds two weeks or just several days and complications are extremely rare. The surgeon’s fee for cosmetic ear reduction surgery will be based on the experience level and type of procedure.


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