Our face and neck say a lot about our age and appearance and there is no two ways about it.  They are the most visual areas when we are outside and the areas which give away our age due to constant sun exposure.  Cosmetic physicians across the world strive hard to manage and improve creases, wrinkles and sun damage of the skin with operative and non-operative procedures.  Among the new-age cosmetic-medical procedures, nanofat needling is at the forefront and one of the hottest topics discussed.  Nanofat needling indeed has taken the world by storm and assumes significance as wrinkles and discolorations can benefit from the long-term regenerative properties of nanofat.


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Let’s first understand what actually nanofat is.

Nanofat is derived from your own fat in the doctor’s clinic.  It is a simple procedure and requires no anesthesia.  The procedure is commonly known as nanofat needling, nanofat facelift and nanofat facial.  This revolutionary technology uses plasma rich growth factors in the form of platelet rick plasma (PRP).  The fat thus obtained is liquified into nano fat cells (tiny fat particles).  These tiny fat cells promote the growth of healthier skin.  The PRP is formed through a procedure commonly referred to as “vampire” procedure by drawing your blood in the doctor’s clinic.

Nanofat is emulsified and filtered fat.  The process involves crushing and filtering the raw fat and end product is a liquid that contains a high degree of stem cells.  As you might be aware, stem cells have revolutionized medical treatment as they can differentiate into specialized cells and through cell division produce more cells.  Regeneration of damaged tissue takes place due to stem cells present in the nanofat.


What actually happens in nanofat needling?

The principal objective of any cosmetic treatment is to slow down the aging process.  This is primarily done by preserving the collagen and elasticity of the skin.  Nanofat needling exactly achieves this goal as it has been shown to improve the quality of the skin, texture, tone and elasiticty, regaining the firm, smooth and the beautiful skin.  Medical studies have proven that nanofat needling is beneficial in softening the scar marks due to acne and fading the discoloration present in the skin. In short, nanofat needling takes out the “aging” factor of the skin.  If you wonder what gives nanofat that winning edge over other cosmetic-medical procedures like skin lasers, micro-needling and thread lifting, it is nothing but the biologics involved in it – your own tissue is used to create an agent to improve the overall quality of the skin.  The above-mentioned procedures can be a bit pricey and there is no guarantee that it would last long, whereas nanofat needling, where your own tissue is used, can have a lasting effect on your skin. 


The process starts with taking a nanofat from anywhere on your body, generally from your belly or the inside of your thighs.  That fat will be washed with saline, filtered and injected superficially into the recipient area of the skin.  Multiple injections are given all over the area with very thin and fine needle.  The process works because of the capability of the cells within the fat graft to repair the damaged tissue.  These cells have the ability to produce substances that improve skin elasticity and production of essential proteins to improve the health of the skin.


On a lighter note, nanofat needling can act as a firm brake on the vehicle called aging.


The areas where nanofat needling is generally applied include hands, crow’s feet regions, neckline, wrinkles around the lip-line and temple etc.  Fat particles can be injected into these areas as they are very small, tiny to be precise.  Telltale improvement in skin quality is observed in about six months after the injection superficially in the dermis and superficial skin layers.


Why Nanofat needling?

The following are some of the reasons why people choose nanofat needling over other cosmetic medical procedures:

  • Very long-lasting effect
  • 100% completely natural material
  • Day surgery
  • Discomfort is minimal
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Minimally invasive, reduced risk of complications.
  • Small scars at the donor site and no additional scars at the recipient site.
  • Improvement at both the recipient site and the area from where fat is harvested.
  • No specific pre-procedural preparations needed


Am I a candidate for nanofat injection?

Any person who has a damaged or aged skin can get benefitted out of this procedure.  The only caveat is the person should have enough fat to produce nanofat.

If the procedure is done as a standalone procedure, it can be done in an outpatient setting.  During the recovery period there will hardly be any swelling, bruising or discomfort.

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