Patient Reviews


I had scars on my face. When I met Dr Pinkly, she advised two surgeries. At that time, I was scared when I heard two surgeries, but Dr Pinky explained to me why two surgeries are required. Now, after the surgery I am very satisfied.

Yogeshram Rao

You can consult Dr Pinky if you have any skin related issues. My wife had scars on her face. We met 6 to 7 doctors and we were neither satisfied with their point of view about the treatment nor the cost.  Finally we met Dr Pinky and followed her instructions. Now after the surgery, my wife is very satisfied. Thank you doctor for making my wife happy.

Mohit Khatwani

Dr Pinky is an amazing doctor. She is highly skilled and gives patient hearing to our problems. Best recommended for any cosmetic treatment in India


For a long time I suffered silently with regard to my breast size. I had very small breast size, which made me always feel less confident. I met Dr Pinky for Breast Augmentation. She very professionally answered all my questions and doubts and gave me the confidence for the procedure.  After Breast Augmentation, my confidence is back. I can say it was a life changing procedure for me.

Radhika Gupta

I am a health freak and take care of my diet and exercise seriously. However, in spite of that, the fat under my axilla which was not going. I consulted Dr Pinky for this problem, Dr Pinky suggested liposuction and explained the procedure so well that it gave me the confidence to get it done with her. I am very happy to have undergone the liposuction procedure. It was a simple procedure done under local anaesthesia. Now I am able to wear dresses of my choice. I wish I had met Dr Pinky earlier.

Vrrithi Aggarwal

Met Dr Pinky for the scars on my face. Doctor suggested fact grafting for my scars. I am very satisfied after undergoing the procedure

Alka Subhash

I consulted Dr Pinky at Pink Apple Aesthetics for the skin tags on my neck. Very satisfied after undergoing the painless procedure.

Vrrithi Agarwal

Met Dr Pinky for the scars on my face. Doctor suggested fat grafting for my scars. I am very satisfied after undergoing the procedure.

Deepanshu Kumar

Dr Pinky was very helpful as she explained everything about my injury and how the operation was going to take place. She was very patient and answered all my questions. My right thumb was injured while cleaning my bike chain and almost 1cm of length was chopped off. But she assured me that the length will be equal and now after the surgery both the thumbs are of equal length and the nail has also grown. The best thing was that in-spite of her leave, she came to the hospital just for my checkup. Thanks a lot for all that you have done for me Ma’am..


I had Asian Blepharoplasty done at “Pink Apple Aesthetics”. I was comfortable throughout the procedure. Recovery was easy, minimal sweeling for 2 days and got the stitches removed on the 7th day. Very happy with the results  Dr Pinky ma’am is very friendly. She will explain to you all the procedures with diagrams  So you know what is best for you. Dr Pinky’s work is superb, my double eyelids looks natural  Thank you Ma’am.

Divya Adisesh

Had gone for review for sebaceous cyst on my chest and was operated as well through..
Dr Pinky who has been very nice, with lot of patience and has guided me with my doubts post operative care with an ever smile on the face…thank you doctor for all the support and care

Shakuntala Karakaraddi

The doctor was very systematic with her treatment and she is very friendly. She took really good care of me. She was always reachable for any queries I had before and after the surgery, even on a Sunday. She has also helped me with the formality procedure to be done before surgery. I would definitely recommend this doctor.

Nivedita Honey

Dr Pinky treated me as if I was a family member during all my visit. The surgery was undoubtedly successful and the result was beautiful. Dr Pinky is always reachable. She appreciates when patient listens to her and follow instructions timely. Quality of care was excellent, and results exceeded my best wishes. I highly recommend you to other patients.

Rajalakshmi N

Very Friendly Doctor with great Expertise. She is very patient, honest and thoroughly communicative. I went to her for my ear lobe repair. She did perfect diagnosis and gave me all possible solutions. She also suggested which method of treatment will be best suited for me. She made me aware of the procedure and its outcomes before hand so that I was prepared to take up the procedure over local anesthesia alone also. She did an excellent job with my ear and repaired it successfully. I am very happy with the treatment and recommend her for any cosmetic procedures.