The changes brought about by ageing, drastic weight loss or pregnancy could stand in the way of having the perfect looking tummy. The tummy could harbor all the excess fat due to weight gain over the years and have sagging appearance due to poor elasticity of the skin or weakened connective tissue in the abdomen.  Having an unsightly looking pouch can lower confidence levels and also make it hard to look good in fashionable looking clothes. A tummy tuck also known as an abdominoplasty can be a viable cosmetic surgery solution to remove loose, excess skin and fat, and tighten weak fascia (connective tissue). Loss of skin elasticity that happens with weight loss or gain, can also be improved with a tummy tuck.


Tummy Tuck


All the changes in abdomen wall like excess fat, sagging skiin ,divarication of recti muscle can be addressed with abdominoplasty along with liposuction.

After massive weight loss/multiple pregnancy  inspite of healthy lifestyle and workouts one cannot get rid of the sagging skin from abdomen ,in such cases tummy tuck gives the desired ,shaped,toned tummy which every person dreams of.

Whether one is a candidate for only liposuction or tummy tuck is decided by a qualified plastic surgeon after assessing each individual person.

Tummy tuck can help one get rid of the lower abdominal stretch marks and also improve marks outside of this area. For women that has previously done a C-section the surgeon can use the same scar to do the tummy tuck as well as. The tummy tuck surgery is especially helpful to women who have gone through multiple pregnancies and have stretched their abdominal muscles and skin beyond the point where they can return to normal.

There are different types of tummy tucks depending on correction needed in each person.


2.Complete abdominoplasty

3.Extended abdominoplasty

4.Circumferrential abdominoplasty

5.Reverse abdominoplasty

And when it is combined with liposuction then its called lipoabdominoplasty.

The type of surgery would depend on each patents assessment and amount of correction needed.

Typically an incision is put in the abdominal crease about 7 cm from the mons pubis extending laterally towards the hip bone .The entire incision line /scar is planned so that it is covered under the panty.


Tummytuck is done under regional /general anaesthesia .It needs one or two days admission .

Following the surgery one can expect

1 Pain ,discomfort ,tightens in abdomen

2.Some bruising and swelling which subsides in about 3-4 weeks

3.Pateint is mobilized the same day / next day of surgery

4.Patient is asked to walk in a slight flexed position at hip for about a week

5.Avoid strenuous exercise ,lifting weights, aerobics for about 6 weeks.

6.Avoid smoking 3 weeks prior and 3 weeks after surgery.

  1. Avoid long distance travel for about 2 weeks.

Tummy tuck can be combined with other cosmetic procedures like breast surgeries, liposuction of back, butt augmentation.

Tummytuck is a good procedure with beautifulresults for any gender.

It is advisable to go for tummytuck after completing one’s family as preganacy will alter the results of tummy tuck and the person may need a revision surgery.

It is better to wait for at least one year after delivery to undergo tummytuck.

It is better to avoid combining tummy tuck along with caesarean (c-section) section.


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